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Since 1993 ...The "Original"

Amish Country Tour Company in Holmes County, Ohio!

Our tours are designed based on relationships built over the years with local families and businesses. The tours are our own original itineraries and have been proven to provide visitors with experiences beyond their expectations.

We will uncover the myths, answer questions, and help you understand the Amish way of life.

Why don't Amish sport a mustache? How can you tell if the Amish are married? Do they pay taxes, serve in the military, vote, or go to college? How are the Bishops selected? This is a sample of what you will learn from our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides.

We have been featured in USA Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Country Living Magazine, The Times Reporter, The Canton Repostiry, Neil Zurchers "One Tank Trips", Pittsburgh Gazette as well as many magazines from various travel writers.

We have been consultants to theTravel and History Channels, National Geographic, Amish In The City, Amish Out of Order, Do It Yourself Network featuring Vanilla Ice, Galileo German TV, Pixar Disney, and was the tour guide for the TLC show, "19 and Counting" with the Duggar Family as well as Hollywood Celebrities.